Acta Physicae Superficierum is edited by the Division of Surface Physics, Faculty of Physics of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, and the Solid State Physics Department, Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics of the University of Lodz. The Journal appears irregularly.

Its contents cover the following domains:

      surface phenomena, boundary conditions, surface topology, surface topography and
      roughness, disorder, melting, magnetic characterisation at the surface
        thin film and size effects in samples with restricted dimensions
      lattice, electronic, magnetic properties in objects of nanometric scale
      nonlinear effects on surface autooscillations and chaos
      nanotribology, spintronics, surface phase transitions and crossover phenomena.

The Journal also includes the contributions presented during topical conferences and papers devoted to distinguished scholars and scientific institutions.
Colleagues working in the field of surface phenomena research are kindly invited to take these publications into account as textbooks for students and postgraduate students.

University of Łódź